Friday, June 20, 2008

Superlative unveils Studio Agent Ver. 6

See that website above my head? Surprisingly, it was all done via template! That's right, we've taken a look at Superlative, Inc.'s new Studio Agent Ver. 6, and this type of thing is possible with their program. We know, WOW!

All of their template and semi-template designs seem to follow similar, trendy, minimalist designs that can send that modern look to your potential buyers. Real estate websites have officially hit the design curve up and running.

From Superlative's press release:
Superlative, Inc. (Irvine, CA) is proud to unveil the latest edition of our award-winning Studio Agent websites, Version Six. Studio Agent is the most powerful and flexible agent solution available today, and the sixth edition only ups the ante to a whole new level.

Studio Agent Ver. 6 is a fully self-editing program that will make you look like you spent thousands on a full custom site without many of the traditional costs. Studio Agent is widely regarded as the best real estate agent web site program on the market.

Not only are these designs eye-catching and aesthetically-pleasing, but Studio Agent Ver. 6 brings the most powerful and flexible features that agents are clamoring for. In just a handful of days, a brand new Studio Agent 6 website can be up and running, featuring: IDX property updates (where available), built-in lead management, premier property search capabilities, state-of-the-art lead capture, free reports, auto responders, client update features, and more.

Ver. 6 even capitalizes on the Web 2.0 revolution, with deft blogging tools and RSS feed capability. There's never been a better way to give an agent a professional web presence.

Surprisingly, a site like this can be created at the lowest cost in the industry. Even more surprisingly, the website is fully self-editing and looks like it should cost a half-million. Plus, it can incorporate MLS data from anywhere in North America and is automatically maintained by Superlative.

When I got into the back-end to edit this website, I was expecting a difficult, cumbersome process, however, I was able to easily modify the site in a matter of seconds. Frankly, everything can be done without a single cent of HTML or web design knowledge. After messing around with it for about an hour, I was able to build entire third-tier sections through an unbelievably simple process. Superlative claims to have a patent pending on this slick little editor.

My overall impression of the new v. 6 product is that is it extremely easy to use, and by far and away, the most impressive real estate agent website program on the market.

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